Hey y’all! Welcome to the Lacquer Lineup.

My name is Leticia and if the “y’all” didn’t already give it away, I’m a Texas gal. I was born and raised in Austin, where I still live now at 21 years old. In short, I’m addicted to all things nail polish!

I’d say my obsession started back when I was a kid and I’d see/hear my grandma tapping her nails on the kitchen table. Even back then I equated the sight of long, manicured nails to beauty. I tried mimicking her and was sadly met with a soft thud as my fingers hit the table. Yes, I said fingers because I chewed them down to the nail beds and I didn’t have enough nail to reach the table. 😦 Suddenly embarrassed at the sight of my little boy nails, I quit biting them cold turkey and it worked!

Anyway, fast forward to finally having something to put paint on, I started getting my nails done regularly and I became obsessed with seeing how long they could grow. I had a favorite nail salon that I went to and even though it isn’t often, I still go to it to this day if I ever need to. But the real journey started my junior year of high school when I came across a nailfie (like a selfie, but for your nails) on Instagram and thought it looked simple enough to do on my own. So I did! And because it’s good to look back on your progress and laugh at how far you’ve come, you get to see my very first “nail art” look.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 12.42.18 PM

That brings me to Instagram, where sharing my nail looks became possible in the first place. I started lettslooks_ so I wouldn’t have to annoy my friends and family with my constant nail pictures. Fun fact, I actually kept it a complete secret for about a month and the first person I ended up telling was my boyfriend.


We’ve been together for five years and he’s the most supportive of my nail hobby! Which I’m actually very fortunate to have a lot of very supportive family and friends too ❤ My boyfriend and I have a three year old Yorkie named Dez, after Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys. He’s all things a small dog should be – spunky and yappy – and he’s enough to keep us on our toes!


When I’m not painting my nails, I can be doing an assortment of random things. I love to watch true crime tv, read mystery thrillers, bake desserts, binge watch Netflix series, do cute DIY’s, make frequent trips to Target for nothing in particular at all, and have a cold beer. But mostly, I just like to find new ways to do what I love and that’s where the Lacquer Lineup comes in.

As my passion for nail art grows, so does my desire to expand on the projects I’m doing. Having a nail account on Instagram is great, but I want to do more. I dabbled with YouTube but it just wasn’t the right move for me. I enjoy writing more than I do being in front of the camera or talking on it. My boyfriend has been a huge inspiration in starting TLL and has listened to me ramble for months about names, segment ideas, style layouts, etc. so I’m happy to have it put together now.

I have a lot of directions I want this blog to go in, but for now just know that it’ll be a safe haven for all of you nail polish hoarding, nail art enthusiasts like myself. 🙂

Follow along with me on this new journey and feel free to ask, suggest, or comment on anything… Happy polishing, friends!