Rogue Lacquer PPU


Long time, no post! I started nail school a couple weeks ago and it’s taken up more time than I expected it to. (Still working on a blog post for that btw!) Anyway, I have a couple items from the May PPU that I just can’t wait to share so I’m using them as my excuses to sit down and write up some posts 🙂 So let’s start with a little bit of background knowledge.

PPU stands for the Polish Pickup which is essentially, a one stop shop for indie lovers. Every month, indie makers of all sorts (think polish, accessories, nail art items, nail care products, etc) get together and create a special product revolving around that month’s theme. That theme is suggested and chosen by members in the PPU Facebook group. Sales are open the first Friday of every month and stay available through the following Monday. For this month, that means May 4 – May 7 on the PPU website.

Now, let’s talk about Rogue Lacquer. You’re probably familiar with the brand, Ever After Polish and know that it was previously ran by two friends, Rachel and Miranda. However, they announced not too long ago that the two would be parting ways. Rachel had to relocate for a job opportunity and with that came difficulties to maintain the same level of business as before. With that being said, Rachel has started a line of her own, and Rogue Lacquer was born!

Phew! I know that was a mouthful but I thought it was all important info to know. So let’s cut the chit chat and give mama what she came for! 😉


“Back to the Ninedaaays” is a light purple with super shift flakies, aurora shimmer, and holo. This is $11 and has no cap on purchases.


You’re going to swipe this on and instantly feel magical! All of the shifting pigments and flakies make for a super ethereal shade. I’m wearing three thin coats and topcoat.



I wanted to see what it would look like if I used it as a topper. So I did a quick mani with two thin coats over white. It definitely transformed it and made the purple pop more, but it isn’t necessary. It’s pretty as a stand alone polish, but also fun to put that shift over other colors too.


Since there isn’t a cap on purchases you won’t have to be crazy fast in ordering this, but you’ll still want to be sure to add it before the weekend is over! Don’t miss out on this shifty goodness!


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