Pampered Polishes’ Fast Times at Ridgemont High


First and foremost, let’s all welcome Pampered Polishes back to the indie scene! After a little time away Timberlin is reopening her store and she’s coming back full force. I know we’re still adjusting to Spring, but her 6 piece neon collection will have you wishing it was summer already.

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This collection is based off the 80’s film Fast Times At Ridgemont High and will be available April 7th at noon central time. Each bottle will be $9.50 or you can save some money by purchasing the entire collection for $52.

As a maker, there’s only so many ways you can spice up a neon set before becoming repetitive. As a buyer, there’s only so many sets you can buy before you’re basically buying the same neons, just from different brands. (Which is so not a bad thing, because that’s the boat I’m in. Gimme all the neons!)

BUT.. Timberlin found a way to make hers unlike any other neons I have and for that, I’m SO excited!!! The key to her collection lies in all those fun flakies. Each polish has ~six~ different UCC flakies, rainbow flakies, iridescent flakies, a dash of holo, AND each color has a contrasting shimmer. I mean… wow. But don’t just take my word for it, see it all for yourself!

He’s A Little Prick! is a neon pink with green shimmer. None of these required a white base, they’re all blinding on their own. I’m wearing 2 coats and topcoat.


Danger is My Business is a neon orange with blue shimmer. This is my favorite of the six. All it took was one swipe to see how bold this color was and I never wanted to take it off. One coat was almost enough. Almost! Two definitely sealed the deal though.


Aloha, Mr. Hand is a highlighter yellow with a red shimmer. Like the orange, this is really, really bright and only needed two coats.


Righteous Bucks is a neon green with blue shimmer. After the orange, this is my next favorite. Believe me when I tell you that wearing these colors will have you longing for summer. The flakies in this kind of give me mint chocolate chip vibes and I suddenly want a giant scoop of ice cream! 😉


Hey Bud, Let’s Party is a neon blue with green shimmer. I don’t know what it is about the blue base but the holo pops the most in this one. 😍 For this shade I did three thin coats. It wasn’t so much for opacity reasons though as just wanting to make this color pop as much as possible. The darker the colors (blues/purples), the less of a neon pop like with a highlighter yellow or green. So for darker colors I always try to add an extra coat.


No Shirt, No Shoes is a neon orchid with red shimmer. Like all of the others, this had a great formula and applied easily in three thin coats.


Y’all know me, the brighter, the better! So it should come as no surprise that I love these neons. They’re easily going to become staples in my polish collection. I’m already thinking up nail art ideas for them! I don’t know how the flakies will work with a water marble but I’m gonna be trying it out soon. I have used them in a gradient though and they blended beautifully.

So if you’re gonna be in the market for this year’s set of neons, snag these and let me know which colors are your favorite!

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