Lilly Anne’s Garden Polish Pickup



You can just taste that, can’t you? *mouth waters* It’s got that sweet smell of a summer day when you go get ice cream after swimming in the pool all day with your friends! YUUUMMM.

I promise you’ll want to eat LAG’s new product. But I also promise that you shouldn’t. 😉 Lilly Anne’s Garden is joining the Polish Pickup again to bring you a newly formulated lotion. PPU’s April theme is “Across the Universe: Planets & Galaxies.” Misty was inspired by this google image to come up with her lotion in the scent Rainbow Sherbet.



This is a special formula that’s only being made for the PPU right now. It’s a blend between Misty’s crème de la crème and her standard lotion. That means it’s even more moisturizing and hydrating, but dries down matte. No-one likes greasy fingers so this formula is perfect.


Remember, as with most of LAG’s products, a little goes a long way. These lotions pack a punch so a small dollop is all you need. What I usually do to get the right amount of products is quickly tap my finger to the lotion, since it’s on the thicker side I get a fluffy “mountain peak” that’s more than enough product! My hands get especially dry in the summer (almost more so than the winter, weird, I know!) so I’m super excited to have this fruity scent to whip out on those summer days.



Fresh lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry blend together with a creamy base note of vanilla to make this scent so spot on! As if the smell isn’t enough to make you wanna eat it by the spoon full, the color sure is! The lotion is slightly colored pink, green and orange but not to worry, it won’t stain or discolor your skin.


So let’s get to all the details. If you’re unfamiliar with what Polish Pickup is, let me tell ya. It’s a one stop shop for all your indie needs. A large amount of indie makers join the PPU vendor list and make a product (can be polish, nail care, nail art, etc) specifically for that month’s theme. Then the website is live the first Friday of every month, and stays open through the following Monday. The point of PPU is to shop as many of your favorite makers without having to pay shipping at each one’s store and to get an interactive shopping experience.


The PPU shop will be open from April 6 at 11am EST to April 9 at 11:59pm EST. There is no cap on these lotions from LAG so grab as many as you need! They’ll come in a 2 oz jar and will retail for $5.50. A total steal! Get your hands on this summer classic and you won’t be disappointed!

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