DIFFERENT Dimension’s LE April Releases


April is a big month for Different Dimension! In addition to all those Spring beauties, there’s three LE polishes to pick up too. There’s a charity polish, a commemorative birthday polish, and the polish of the month. I’m already two days behind posting, so let’s not waste anymore time and jump right into them!


1 in 68 is just what it sounds like, a statistic. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that affects 1 in 68 children.  There is currently no known cause and no known cure. The range on which a child can fall on the spectrum is so wide that symptoms and the degree to which they show can vary from person to person. There’s still so much to learn about ASD all while knowing that it’s one of the most rapidly growing disorders. With that being said, chances are that this is a cause near and dear to many of our hearts.

April is National Autism Awareness month, with April 2nd being National Autism Awareness Day. Different Dimension is doing their part by donating 20% of proceeds from this polish to the Autism Society of Indiana. How amazing is that?! The ASI is a resource for Indiana families that offers the tools, guidance and support they need at no cost to them. So let’s rally together to raise awareness in the nail community with DD’s newest blue polish!

IMG_2495 2

It’s a blue to light blue thermal that glows blue in the dark! I’m sometimes wary of gitd polishes but the formula for this one was great! The gitd pigment makes it dry down a little textured but it didn’t affect application at all. I’m wearing 3 thin coats and a good layer of topcoat to smooth everything out.




This is a limited edition polish that’s only available during the month of April for $12. So grab this one to ‘light it up blue’ for autism awareness!


B(earth)day is a cleverly named cobalt blue holo with a green duochrome shift and added holo micro glitters. The maker behind the brand, Missi, shares her birthday with Earth day and made a polish to celebrate. I was truly blown away with how she captured the essence of sea and land, to make Earth in a bottle. The dark cobalt mimics a deep ocean blue and that pop of green mimics our green land!


This is practically a one coater but out of habit I did two. I had some art ideas but after staring at my nails I decided I didn’t even want to cover them up! The micro glitters in this one do stand out when dried, so you’ll want to smooth them over with a generous layer of topcoat. This retails for $10.



April 2018 is the polish of the month. It’s a linear holo topper with color shifting flakies. The color shift in this pairs so well with the glow in the dark pastels because I get the same party/festival vibes.


I put one coat over my index and middle fingers, and two coats over my ring and pinky. I regret doing two because I think one is just enough to let everything pop against the black and once I did two it got a little cloudy and my stamping didn’t pop as much. So depending on your application, one is just perfect! This topper is just made for those fun, colorful manis! It retails for $10.



The best part about this post is that all of these are already available! No alarms need to be set. Just pick your faves, toss them in your cart and stalk the mailman til they arrive! 😉 You’ve got til April 30 at 11:59pm EST to buy these limited edition shades. Good luck with picking a favorite though, I know I couldn’t!

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