Please Don’t Stop the Music | DIFFERENT Dimension


I didn’t know I was getting this swatch package so when it showed up in my mailbox, I was pleasantly surprised! I ripped open the box, pulled out the info sheet, and read that it was a 7 piece creme set that… GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!!

I immediately ran inside my house, threw myself on the bed and dumped out all the polishes. As if glow in the dark cremes wasn’t exciting enough… they turned out to be PASTELS too! Omg, soooo perfect for spring! Let’s get right to them. I can hardly contain my excitement 😀

Be My Escape is a bubblegum pink that glows peach in the dark. I’m wearing 3 thin coats. All of my regular swatches have topcoat but the gitd swatches do not. I love Barbie pinks and this was no exception. It’ll carry me way past spring into all my summer manis.




Make These Nights Last Forever is a pastel peach/orange that glows a light yellow in the dark. I do want to note that for some reason this color and only this one, applied thicker than the rest. I still used 3 coats but they just applied thicker than the others. Dry time was still the same though. (Crazy fast!)




Under the Electric Sky is a pastel yellow that glows green in the dark. It’s so hard to narrow down a favorite, but this one’s in the running! It’s gorgeous on the nail and glows beautifully in the dark. I can’t wait to wear this on summer nights!




Dancing and Dreaming is a pistachio green that glows teal in the dark. This one’s also in the running as my fave! This is literally spring in a bottle.




Dancing in the Dark is a pastel blue that glows a bright blue in the dark. When I turned my lamps off to take the glow in the dark picture, it looked like I was holding a light bulb. My entire palm was lit up from my nails holding the bottle while I posed. It has one of the strongest glows!




When the Beat Drops is a perfect purple pastel (say that 3x fast!) that glows a deep indigo in the dark. This one gives off the weakest glow but the vibrancy under regular light totally makes up for it! Also, UV lights are so unforgiving of a bad clean up job so you’ll notice leftover polish from a previous swatch. *cringes* I learned my lesson!




Everybody’s Hands Go Up is an ivory polish that glows white in the dark. This is the final polish in my unofficial “Top 3” list. This isn’t a stark white and almost has a nude tone to it which makes it perfect for everyday wear. But then ~surprise~ it glows in the dark! Talk about ultimate day to night glam. What makes this one an easy favorite is how it looks when it glows. The dimension to it reminds me of the moon!





That’s the entire collection! Have you died, gone to polish heaven, and come back yet??


Because I’ve got all the details you’ll need for the launch!

They release on Easter Sunday, April 1, at 9am EST. You can buy them for $10 each or $60 for the set on Different Dimension’s website. All of these dry down matte and some colors (the pink and purple from what I remember off the top of my head) dried a little textured from the gitd pigment. A generous layer of topcoat smoothed everything out and made them glossy! All were opaque in 3 coats. All were charged for 30 seconds or less under a UV blacklight before taking the glow in the dark pictures.

Get these.


Get these.


I can’t say it enough.


You neeeeeeed them!



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