Chaotic Glitz Spring Collection


Spring is in the air and indie makers are bringing out their very best for the occasion. I love anything that pops on my nails whether it’s a blinding neon, a show stopping pastel, or even a bright white. Those are all things that you can expect to find in a lot of spring and summer collections. So it’s easy to see why this is my favorite time of the year to buy polish. Speaking of buying polish, The Indie Shop is going to Atlanta this weekend and there will be PLENTY to buy! I’ll be showing a few things attendees can expect to pick up from indie maker, Chaotic Glitz.


Beauty in Bloom is a hot pink creme with added shimmer. It.. is.. BLINDING! I’m only wearing two coats and a white base wasn’t needed at all! I do want to note that neon pigments are notorious for being tricky and on my first coat I did notice a speck of pigment on my nail that hadn’t mixed. However, I painted on my second coat and it must have settled because I didn’t see any others. This is so bright and fun I didn’t even want to cover it up with art. So instead, I took a picture under a blacklight. 😉


Vernal Equinox is a white crelly with rose gold, green gold, blue gold and lavender gold micro flakes. This one is beautiful! It reminds me a lot of speckled eggs for Easter. Which with that holiday coming up, I’d absolutely grab this one from TIS! I reached full opacity in three thin coats and was in awe with how ethereal and magical it felt!


Sweet Spring Day is a mint blue creme with added shimmer. Give me 100 polishes and I will always pick the mint as my favorite. Hands down! This is so perfect for spring so I thought it was only fitting that some roses went on top of it. I’m wearing 2 coats and topcoat.


Purple Iris is a purple creme with added shimmer. Even though the mint is my favorite, this is the first one I reached for to swatch. This purple is just SO vibrant and fun! I’m wearing 3 thin coats and put some light nail art on top to not cover it up too much.


Verdant is described as a white base polish with green shimmer. I didn’t have any other colors like this in my collection so that’s always fun! I’m wearing 3 thin coats and topcoat.


Last but not least, there’s Sun Drenched which is a yellow crelly with green, hot pink, white and purple glitters. I kind of got Mardi Gras vibes with this one. I wore 3 thin coats and could still see a visible nail line. That’s okay given that it’s a crelly but if you’re set on full opacity I’d put it over a white or yellow base. The colors and neon highlights inspired my tropical nail art on top.


And there’s the entire Sweetest Spring collection! This will first be available at The Indie Shop Atlanta and then on Chaotic Glitz’s Etsy store after. Snag them all then let me know which one of these spring beauties is your favorite! 🙂



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