Chaotic Glitz Event Polishes (The Indie Shop ATL)

The Indie Shop Atlanta is less than 24 hours away! I know everyone’s trying to build their shopping lists and get their ducks in a row. So let me add to the madness by showing you some event exclusives that you’ll feel like you just ~need~ to have! 😉


Let’s start with the event exclusive, Atlanta Botanical Gardens. This UCC shifts from pink/violet/red/copper in a black base with added holo! As far as opacity goes, I was able to fully cover my nail in one coat. But trust me when I say you’ll want to add another. It just adds SO much dimension and oh.. my.. gahhh! *heart eyes*


The pink/violet shift really pops so that’s what I drew on for inspo with my nail art.


This next shade is a Limited Edition called Bellwood Quarry. This is a blue jelly base with aurora pigment and scattered holo. Just look at how that pigment GLOWS!


Each swipe brought more and more depth to this polish and I honestly could have painted it on for daaaayyys. I only needed 3 thin coats to reach full opacity. Then I decided to do some nautical nail art on top.


The next LE is my personal favorite of the three, Callaway Gardens. This is a light lilac crelly with the same micro flakies as Vernal Equinox, ultra chrome flakies AND holo!


Pretty similar to Vernal Equinox, I got the same Easter-ish vibes and I love it. It’s a really light, pretty shade for Spring and I didn’t want to cover it up at all! So I did some light stamping in gold to play off the daintiness of this shade. Super chic!


That’s it, those are all three event polishes! Can we just take a second to point out how freakin adorable those labels are?! CG is known to switch up their labels depending on the occasion and these peaches are so cute!


Each of these will be $12 at the event or $30 if you buy all three. I’m also including Chaotic Glitz’s shopping list for your convenience.

CG Shopping List

I’ll have major FOMO looking at everyone’s pictures from the event so enjoy your time if you’re going, and keep an eye out for release dates on over pours if you aren’t!

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