‘Just You Wait’|DIFFERENT Dimension


New month, new collection.. and it’s my favorite so far.

I normally gravitate towards bright, summer-y colors and the only full collections I’ve ever bought were neons. But boy, oh boy… When I saw these colors together I was in awe. It’s the collection I didn’t even know I needed!!!


These five polishes are limited edition during March only. They’ll go on sale March 1st, at 9am EST for $10 each or $45 if you buy them all together. So let’s get to it!

I’m Past Patiently Waiting is a warm almond brown with added shimmers for a glowing effect and boy does it GLOW! The red/copper shimmer is so strong in this one even under low light. The formula was flawless too. I’m wearing two coats and a glossy topcoat.




Story of Tonight is a navy blue jelly with color shifting flakies and holographic micro flakes. Now this one’s a stunner! Even though it’s a jelly I was able to get full coverage in only two thin coats. The first one had really good payoff but the second one brought it to life! The dimension in this polish gave off major galaxy vibes so I did my best attempt at matching nail art.




Fan This Spark Into A Flame is a metallic bronze polish with holographic micro flakes. I’m gonna keep saying this, but this one is beautiful! I love metallic shades and the added holo makes this one POP. I only needed two coats and a glossy topcoat for these pictures.


Different Dimension makes all of my favorite gold and bronze shades. I have quite a few and thought it would be helpful to see a comparison shot with some of them.


Room Where It Happens is a white crelly with metallic and holographic glitters in gold, copper and pink. I was SO excited to see a crelly in this collection! One of the first polishes I bought from Different Dimension was a white crelly with neon glitters (go figure!) so I already knew I loved the formula. I’m wearing three easy coats and TC.




Love Doesn’t Discriminate is a nude to blue thermal sensitive polish with added shimmers and holographic micro flakes. It’s nude in its warm state and blue in its cool state. There’s so much going on in this polish it’s insane! There’s the thermal effect, the glowing pink/purple shimmer AND the holo micro flakes! It’s a fun one to wear. This shows three thin coats and topcoat.



What I love about this whole collection is that there’s truly something for everyone!

Creme? Check!

Jelly? Check!

Holo? Check!

Crelly? Check!

Thermal? CHECK!

So find your favorites, set your alarms and get ready to buy these! But heads up, you’re gonna want them allllllll. 😉







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