Madam Glam Gel Review


Because I try to maintain my IG account and post frequently, wearing gel polish isn’t always realistic for me. I change my manis too often between swatches, reviews, and just designs I want to try. If I didn’t change my nails so often though I would definitely wear gel for longevity purposes and Madam Glam has some of my favorites.

In total I was sent four polishes, a no wipe gel topcoat, peel off base coat, and a chrome powder.


The first mani I did was a combo of All Natural, a soft pink nude, and Don’t Tell My Husband, a copper & silver flakie glitter. I used three thin coats for each shade and cured for 15 seconds in between each coat. I finished both off with a layer of MG’s No Wipe Topcoat and cured that for 30 seconds.



I had the option to choose the products I was sent but I let the team at Madam Glam do the picking. I was happy to see a nude and a sparkly shade but neither compared to this next one.

My heart beats for all things blue and green so I was super excited to see Sky is the Limit in my package. This true teal is really bright and looked great all on its own.


The chrome powder I got sent was Rum & Coca Cola. While wearing that vibrant teal I got instant mermaid vibes so I decided to pair the two. Usually, black gel brings the shift out most but I wanted to use the products I got together. I’d recommend seeing what this powder looks like over black because I’m sure it would completely transform itself. For my look though, it gave off a really pretty pearl effect and added a slight purple/pink shift over the teal. Just what I was going for with my mermaid image.



I added some stamping and rhinestones to complete my look.


I didn’t know this when I first started toying with gel polishes, but you can stamp on them just as you would a regular polish. After curing my last coat of the actual color, I stamped on the mermaid scales using a regular stamping polish from Painted Polish by Lexi. Then I took Madam Glam’s No Wipe Topcoat and cured that for 30 seconds. The topcoat didn’t smear the stamping whatsoever!


Then when I was done, I used some cuticle oil to moisten the edges of my paint job and used an orange stick to get under my polish and lift it up. The peel off base coat was the only thing I actually requested with my package and it was an absolute LIFE SAVER. The best part? No curing needed! You just apply it like you would any polish, give it about a minute to dry (clear), and then you paint your polish on top and peel off whenever you’re ready. You can even use it for regular nail polish.

What I love about Madam Glam is their variety of colors and how on-trend they are. If you take a look on their site and see anything you like from the entire Gel section, One Step Gel tab or Nail Art category, you can use my code lettslooks30 to save 30% off!

Everything I used through out this post can be found under those sections. My top recommendations are the peel off base coat, the no wipe topcoat, and the teal shade. Happy shopping!

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