Glisten & Glow: Glorious Glisenettes

It’s a glorious day to share some new pretties with you all! In recent months Glisten & Glow has started a series of polishes called the Glorious Glisenettes. They are small batch, limited edition polishes that don’t belong to any particular collection. So once they’re gone, they’re gone. Plan to set your alarms and snag these asap!


Her Majesty’s Navy is a blue/aqua/purple multi-chrome linear holographic polish with pops of silver galaxy holo micro glitters. Phew! You get all that? Here… let’s just see it in action 😉


This went on like butter! I reached full opacity in two coats but applied a third for added dimension. I sealed it with G&G topcoat and added some stamping on top. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the purple to show up. The navy blue is obvious and the aqua pops like no other. It’s so bright and makes this polish so fun to wear! The purple’s in there though, I promise!



Siren of the Sea is an Atlantic Ocean blue holographic polish with the most beautiful pink/copper unicorn pigment and silver holo micro glitters.


Lemme tell ya, this is magic. in. a. bottle!!!

I got really good coverage on the first coat and almost didn’t need a second. Almost. I finished it with G&G topcoat and added some mermaid stamping to accentuate the unicorn pigment.


Do you SEE this gorgeousness?!

Oh… my… *faints*


I’m a die hard creme fan. Holo and glitter are great, but nothing calls my name quite like a solid creme and Jill makes some of the greatest. So I didn’t think it could be possible for a non-creme to make it into my top 3 G&G polishes… but I think these two just did. Get them.

Get them while you can! They go on sale this Friday, February 9th at 9pm EST. They’ll be $13 each on Glisten & Glow’s website.




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