December’s “The Holo Hookup”

You just KNOW it’s gonna be a good box when you see this as the inspiration picture.


This month’s theme is “It’s Raining Men.” I’d normally write up some sort of intro, but let’s be real. We just wanna get to the men! Err, polish. I meant polish!

First thing I noticed in that picture was Jesse William’s eyes, so let’s start there. Different Dimension’s polish, Jesse, was inspired by the Grey’s Anatomy actor. I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve never watched a second of that show. *covers ears* I know, I know. I need to but I just haven’t yet. One day, I swear! The only place I’ve seen Jesse in action, (we’re just gonna be on a first name basis for this blog 😉 ) was the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.. and I wasn’t mad for a second about what I saw!

The same can be said for Missi’s polish, which is the real star. I’ve been on the hunt for a white/ivory holo for a while now so I was super happy to see this made its way into the December box. It went on flawlessly with 3 thin coats. I swiped on a QDTC for all of my swatches.


Next in the lineup is Cupcake’s contribution, Ryan. I gotta be honest, Gosling is my first pick of the Ryans, but Reynolds isn’t too shabby either! He’s also married to Blake Lively and I adore her, so bonus points for him. And bonus points to Sara for this creme holo!

It’s gorrrgeous and applied so dreamy. I went in thinking I was going to apply 2 thin coats, but that “thin” coat had so much coverage I probably could have gotten away with doing just one regular coat.


The next man is such a given, he wasn’t even originally included in the box. Everyone would have expected it! Glisten & Glow’s polish is a muted grey/purple called, Channing. Jill was trying to think outside of the box for potential candidates but due to recent events, she decided to swap out her original person for someone else. And when in doubt, #ChooseChanning. 😉 I had no complaints over the swap because I lovvve me some Channing Tatum!

I also lovvve me some Glisten & Glow holo. This was a really unique color. It was almost like a muted grey or muted purple. Jill’s holos always apply fantastically and build up nicely. I did 3 thin coats and the holo just got stronger and stronger with each one. For the record, when I mention using a QDTC, it’s always Jill’s topcoat that I’m talking about.


Last but certainly not least, there’s Idris from guest maker, Pahlish. Aside from Channing, Idris Elba is my favorite man of the box! ❤️ I’ve been a fan of his acting since watching him on screen with Gabrielle Union many, many years ago. Pahlish did him justice by creating the most beautiful brown holo.

I’ve slowly been growing my Pahlish collection and it’s easily becoming a beloved brand. Their formulas are always smooth and their colors are always eye catching. I was really psyched to see they were the guest maker for this awesome theme, and that they chose Idris! I painted on 3 thin coats and a layer of QDTC for my picture. Stunning! Just stunning.


Here’s some more drool worthy pics..

No judgement for what you’re drooling over. Men or polish.. or both! 😏



The ladies behind the Holo Hookup definitely hooked us up this month! I love each and every polish. All the makers managed to capture the masculine feel in their shades and it really ties the theme together.


It’s raining men, Hallelujah, it’s raining men!

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