Jessica Cosmetics Holiday Collection


If you’re one of those “Christmas can’t start until December 1st” type of people, then you’re reading the wrong blog. Christmas season starts promptly at 12:00a on November 1st in my house 😉 By now, I’ve already pulled my most sparkly polishes, fished out my snowflake vinyls, and wracked my brain for gift ideas to my family and friends. Today I’ve got one of those ideas to share with you!

Jessica Cosmetics Holiday Gift Set
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Jessica Cosmetics is releasing this adorable holiday gift set just in time for the Christmas season! It retails for $25 and gets you five mini nail polishes. The packaging is reminiscent of those fun, treat filled candy canes your parents would stuff in your stocking. It’s complete with a bright red bow and star shaped gift tag. I love it! Now let’s get to the swatches so you can decide who needs these colors.


Just about all of these are jellies, which means they aren’t opaque and need a few coats to build up full coverage. Dazzling Diva is a deep purple jelly with shifting flakies. I haven’t seen many of these polishes from the brand, so I’m excited to see they’re taking steps towards making new finishes and fun colors. Coming in at four thin coats, this is the one I struggled with the most to reach full coverage. Then I topped it off with a glossy quick dry topcoat.


Next up is a blue jelly filled with metallic flakies called Dance Till Daylight. Again, the flakies are new territory for what I’ve seen from JC but I’m loving them! This one built up nicely and had I done regular coats, 2 would have been enough. Instead, I painted them thinly and needed 3.


It wouldn’t be a holiday collection without a statement red, and that’s what this next shade is. A lot of the time mini bottles don’t have the polish names on them and that was the case here. So I reached out to the Jessica Cosmetics team to ask for the name of this red and the scattered holo coming up soon. When I hear back from them I’ll update the descriptions. But honestly, this one just speaks for itself so nevermind what it’s called. You’ll want it! This one went on the smoothest and really only needed one coat but I doubled up just out of habit.


And now we’ve reached my favorite of the collection, Blinged out Bronze. This bronze metallic shade is the brand’s best use of multichrome flakies. I used a glossy TC for all of my other pictures except this one because I really wanted them to pop! I’ve never been good at capturing the shift on my nails, but you can definitely see it in the bottle. This one built up nicely too and I only needed 3 thin coats.


No set is complete without a little glitter! This last shade is another no-namer so I’ll have to update this post when I find out. This is a scattered holo topper, but I sponged it on just to see it in full. This can best be used for sparkly gradients or on top of any creme to make it more festive and fun.


All of these polishes can be found on the JC website under their Holiday Gift Guide. I do want to say that these minis worked seamlessly for their size. I don’t like to work with minis that often because the cap size and brush length just aren’t as comfortable to use after working with full size bottles so much. However, these brushes were flared enough and the formulas themselves made application super smooth so I had no issues with these.

There ya have it, Happy Holidays from Jessica Cosmetics!



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