My Top 10 Polish Con Picks

It’s hump day, I’ve been home for three days now, and yet I still find myself daydreaming about being in the Windy City this past weekend. That’s how much I enjoyed my trip! I’ve also never gone to Chicago for less than 24 hours so I think that’s a major blow too.

It. just. wasn’t. enough. time.

But, I can’t complain too much because I walked away with so much new polish and having put faces to some really nice people. As mentioned in my last blog, I got the opportunity to help out at the Different Dimension table while I was there. Missi, the owner of DD, was an absolute doll and I loved getting to meet her! She’s been incredibly generous since inviting me to help and that includes ordering us shirts to wear to the con. Best part? She printed our names and IG handle on the back… IN HOLO.

group 1

And because Missi works so closely with Jill of Glisten & Glow, I got to meet Dani who was a helper for the G&G table. She’s just as sweet in person as she is to everyone online! The same can be said for Xochitl who I also got lucky to run into. I think we missed each other last year so I was happy to meet her this time around. 🙂


There were a bunch of other really great ladies I got to meet but just didn’t get pictures with. Through all of the excitement, shopping, and unfortunately running late to the event in the first place, I didn’t take as many as I planned. So that’s why I’m doing this post. I didn’t want to ramble on about the event without having anything to show for it. So instead, I’ll be showing you my top 10 picks from my haul!

*I just want to point out that these 10 polishes are solely based on my haul. There were over 20 vendors at PC and I didn’t make purchases from every one. This is by no means a true representation of all the pretties that were there, it’s just what I walked away with.*



Between VIP, gifts, and purchases, I flew 79 polish bottles back to Texas with me. It was no easy task, but I got it done 😉 Speaking of uneasy tasks, the list I’m about to make is in no particular order because narrowing them down from 79 to 10 was hard enough without having to rank them too! So let’s get started!

Cupcake Polish: Water You Doing? cupcake

Ever After: Carnival*ever after 2

Pahlish: Little Bread and Butterfliespahlish 2

Painted Polish: September to Remember*painted 2

KB Shimmer: Kiss My Butkus You Ditka*kb shimmer

Girly Bits: Butternut Leave Megirly bits

Different Dimension: Lake Shore Drive*different d

Glisten & Glow: Bungee Jump in The Bahamas glisten

Glam Polish: That’s The Chicago Way*glam

Blush Lacquers: Sideshow Heckler*blush

There ya have it, folks! Not everything I chose was exclusive to Polish Con, some are older colors that I’d just had my eye on for a while and finally got the opportunity to get. I put an asterisk next to the six polishes that were either VIP or LE’s. I think a lot of the makers will be posting overpours if they have any, so if any of those caught your eye be sure to check out the maker’s site for more info.


I just wanted this to be a quick, fun way to show off what I’m most happy I got. So if you have questions about application, formula, why I chose it, etc feel free to comment below and I’ll expand on anything there.

That’s all for Polish Con, until next year!

windowchicago skyline



6 thoughts on “My Top 10 Polish Con Picks”

  1. Awe! I really enjoyed reading your PolishCon experience. I totally love your t-shirt!! I didn’t know you’re name was on the back!! I would have had someone take a pic of our backs since my IG handle was on the back too. I hope to see you next year!

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