A Collab With Different Dimension


This is a busy weekend for the nail community and preparations are underway for the big event. Instagram feeds and Facebook groups have been especially active these last few days as everyone scrambles to post the last of their swatches and customers build their shopping lists. (Something I still need to do, yikes!) Polish Con is tomorrow and I’m SO excited to be attending again! For anyone who doesn’t know, Polish Con is an event designed for nail polish lovers to meet the makers behind some of their favorite brands. You get to meet and greet and paint and polish… all in the Windy City! What could be better?? Outside of Austin, Chicago is my FAVORITE city and I really feel like I thrive there. This time around will be extra fun for me because I’ve been invited to help Missi out at her brand’s table, Different Dimension!

It was a complete no brainer to say, “yes of course!” when she asked if I’d be interested in the opportunity. That alone would have been exciting enough for me, but she took it up a notch with her next offer.. to create a collab shade! That’s what I’ll be sharing with you all today. 🙂


This is Lett’s Not Mintion It, a light mint creme with pink shimmer. For my swatch I’m wearing three thin coats and a QDTC. You can see the pink shimmer better in the bottle but I promise you it’s on the nails too! 😉 My camera was also capturing this a little bit lighter than it actually is. In my swatch it looks baby blue but it’s definitely more minty in person. I’m including the swatches of @armstrongnails (who will be attending Polish Con too) and @de.lish.ious.nails because I love how they captured it!

After Missi and I settled on the perfect shade, it was time to name it. She gave me free rein to name it whatever I wanted and I’ll be honest, the task was daunting. The possibilities were just endless! So I asked her for help on starting and she suggested I incorporate my Instagram handle or a punny use of ‘mint.’ So with that, me and my boyfriend got to work. We listed off words to each other that had ‘-ment’ somewhere in them and swapped it for ‘-mint.’ For example, encouragemint or enchantmint. Then we named off ways to incorporate my name, Lett. That one gave us Mint Chocolett Chip, lol! But through all of our ramblings, Don’t Mintion It was said and I really took to it. So when I shared it with Missi she cleverly suggested swapping “don’t” for “lett’s and that’s how Lett’s Not Mintion It came to be named! Win win. The whole process has been really fun for me and I can’t wait for this to be available to all of you ❤

I’m not the only lucky gal to collaborate with Missi though. Christy of @hospitalhands will also be helping at the Different Dimension table and got to create a pretty polish of her own.

That Toddling Town is an insanely beautiful wine red jelly with holo flakies. It’s deep color allowed for only needing two coats and it applied perfectly. I love those dark, wine colors and if you do too, then this is the polish for you. The holo flakies really tie it all together. I was a little concerned with choosing a color that’s so light for the fall/winter season, but after seeing Christy’s shade I’m glad I did because I think the contrast looks really good together! These will release at the convention tomorrow and then online at 9am EDT on October 2nd. They’ll be $10 each.


I can’t thank Missi enough for creating such a dreamy polish and I hope you all love it as much as I do. If you’re attending Polish Con tomorrow make sure to stop by the table and say hi while you’re shopping… Here’s to an amazing weekend! 🙂



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