DD Polish Con Exclusives

*PR sample*

Hey y’all!

For my very first post, I have swatches to share from Different Dimension! I received a couple collections so I’m going to break them up and give them each their own post. If you’re a Polish Con attendee like myself, or even if you aren’t, you’re probably anxious to see what everyone’s bringing to the table. Missi has two event exclusives and a gift with purchase shade.


Making its debut from the upper lefthand corner, we’ve got Where You Bean? It’s a beautiful denim blue with contrasting shimmers that seem to lean pink/purple. Per the usual, application was a breeze and I used three thin coats. It’s defined as a jelly but coverage was pretty strong and I think I could’ve gotten full opacity with only two regular coats. I topped it off with a quick dry top coat and voilà! This shade will be available at Polish Con in Chicago on September 23. Any left over bottles will go on sale Monday morning on October 2nd. You can shop this polish at http://differentdimensionpolish.bigcartel.com/ at 9am EDT. Bottles will retail for $10.


The next Polish Con exclusive is Not In The Loop, a moss yellow jelly with contrasting shimmers that lean bronze to me. This is definitely a unique shade and unlike anything else I have in my collection. Part of that is my own fault though because the only kind of yellows I buy are the blinding, high lighter neon ones. But with all the fall colors coming out lately, I’ve actually started to like the deeper yellows. So I was excited to see Missi had something similar in her collection. I knew this color was new territory for me so I went in with zero expectations and an open mind.


My. Oh. My.

I think I subconsciously knew I was going to love this on my nails even before I put it on, despite it being a color I wouldn’t normally reach for. I think the novelty of it is what really sold me and I immediately knew what I wanted to put over it! Painted Polish’s “Stamped in Olive,” made for a beautiful match and the leaves brought everything together, making the perfect fall mani. I should also note that this one rang true to its description of a jelly. I did three regular coats and used a QDTC for these pictures. This also retails for $10 and will first be available at Polish Con, and then Different Dimension’s site afterwards.

Last but certainly not least, Missi is including a gift with purchase to the first 200 customers who spend $50 or more at Polish Con. Trust me when I say shout, YOU WILL WANT THIS!


Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? is a violet holo. The magic doesn’t stop there though because it’s jam packed with holographic micro glitters and silver flakies! I knew from the second I unboxed this that I was going to fall head over heels in love with it. Even with the micro glitters and flakies, the formula was smooth and easy to maneuver on my nail. As if I needed any more reasons to love it, it didn’t dry textured either. One coat of a QDTC did the trick and sealed in all those pretty glitters. When my top coat dried I did some nail art on top to really sum up how I feel about this polish.


That it’s magical.

I’m squealing in delight for the 200 lucky people that get to make this a part of their collection! 🙂 Whatever bottles don’t get used at Polish Con, will be added on to the orders of $50 or more when the October 2nd launch happens, until there are no more left.

In the upcoming days I’ll continue to share all the other goodies Different Dimension will be taking with them to Polish Con. So keep your eyes peeled and get ready to build your shopping lists!



6 thoughts on “DD Polish Con Exclusives”

  1. Congratulations on starting your blog, you’re off to fantastic start this post was great.
    As a lover and collector of yellows and most other “ugly” polish shades I am definitely buying Not In The Loop. I think it looks amazing and with the leaf stamping you really sold me on it.

    I look forward to reading your future posts, congrats again and best of luck 💖


    Liked by 1 person

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